Signicade A-Frame

  • White Standard Signicade

    White Standard Signicade

    This heavy-duty plastic A-frame is the perfect solution for sidewalk advertising. The frame can be filled with sand or water for greater stability. The double sided hardware includes regressed sign area that helps to protect sign faces. Up to two graphic...

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  • Black Deluxe Signicade

    Black Deluxe Signicade

    The SimpoSign® II is a lightweight counterpart to the Signicade and Signicade deluxe. The minimal hardware is designed for ultimate portability. The SimpoSign II includes a stabilizing bar and a hollow core where sand or water can...

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  • White Deluxe Signicade

    White Deluxe Signicade

    The Signicade Deluxe is the ultimate sidewalk advertising solution for those that need quick change graphics. The heavy-duty plastic sandwich board has two recessed 24x36 inch recessed graphic areas on the front and back. Coroplast mounted vinyl graphics...

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