What is a Step and Repeat Banner and Why Do You Need One?

So what is a step and repeat banner? A step and repeat banner is a fairly large banner with logos on printed in a repeated pattern. A custom step and repeat banner can consists of a bit more than that. Our custom step and repeats can be for your birthday, graduation, weddings and tons more! Are you hosting a corporate event where you want your employees to remember this event for the years to come? A pictures can tell a thousand words and that photo that they take will forever be branded with your company.

Now, let's talk about ROI or return on investment. Now, how much does a lead cost for your business? It can range from as low as a nickel to as much as $100.00. Now our custom step and repeat banner is $199.00 plus shipping- seems like a lot for just a banner. Let's say you have an event that brings in 50 people. That is an impression share of 50 people. Now let's say they take a photo and share it. That is where you get a ton more impressions and potentially a ton more business.

Order today and let us design the perfect wedding, event, birthday, graudation step and repeat. Do we not have a template that suits your needs? No problem, just email us at sales@stepandrepeatdepot.com and our team of expert designers will help your create the perfect step and repeat backdrop.