What You Need to Make a Great Custom Step and Repeat Backdrop

What You Need to Make a Great Custom Step and Repeat Backdrop

Mar 17th 2017

Have you ever noticed those screen backdrops that are situated behind pathways at special red carpet events, such as fundraisers, galas and award's ceremonies? Well, those things are referred to in the biz as “step and repeat backdrops”. While professional event planners and corporate design teams have plenty of experience making step and repeat backdrops for conferences, symposiums and other gatherings, you can actually make one yourself. That's right. Have an upcoming social, party or event you need a custom step and repeat backdrop for? Here are some tips and a quick look at the different items you need to help you get started!

Large Board or Frame

You're going to need a backdrop base for your step and repeat banner, so get yourself an extra large piece of plywood or plastic. You can also buy one of our step and repeat banner stands or tie the banner down to cover a wide open walkway or entrance.

Banner Material

The best looking step and repeat backdrops are made out of heavy duty vinyl. This is because it holds up well, it's easy to store without wrinkling and it's easy to hang.

Personalized Details

The simplest way to add a custom touch to your backdrop is to showcase the title of the event, the newlywed's monogram, the name of the birthday boy or birthday girl, the logos of your sponsors or your favorite brand slogan.


You're of course also going to need to finish your set up with the laying of a carpet or rug. It's recommended you select carpet that is complementary shade to prevent it from clashing with your logo, emblem, monogram or name. A red carpet is almost always a hit.

Custom step and repeat backdrops are super fun to make if you have the right materials. Start gathering supplies so you can craft your very own DIY backdrop before the big day of your event arrives!