What is a Step and Repeat?

What is a Step and Repeat?

Posted by Step & repeat Depot on Jan 17th 2017

So what is a step and repeat banner? 

It's a backdrop with logos on it that you see behind celebrities in pictures at red carpet events.

Step and repeats are an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness by getting your logo and company name featured in the backgrounds of photos whether it is a company event or a wedding. Step and repeat banners aren't just for events- they can also be used at trade shows, conventions, demo days, grand openings and any other kind of event that you want your company to have a real presence at.

So why do you need one?

First, they provide free advertising. Unlike traditional methods of advertising such as fliers, business cards or posters, you don't have to hand them out. Once one of your guests take a photo in front of it, it creates a ripple effect in terms of exposure.

More recently, step and repeat banners are being used more widely in and not just for hollywood style events. They can also be seen at trade shows, conventions, demo days, grand openings and even weddings and birthdays.

Second, it is a very cheap way to get a professional background for photos. Instead of renting a photobooth for one event, you can have a step and repeat banner for many events as long as it is taken care of. Our step and repeat banners start at just $128.00 and can be even lower if your take advantage of our many promotions which can be found on our newsletter promotions!